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Turtle Bay works with a wide range of clients and organizations. We do not focus on any specific company profile. Instead, our clients are those who need an experienced and flexible partner that will help execute a profitable IP strategy. We offer significant benefits to many diverse organizations.
Large Companies
Many large organizations do not want to divert internal resources to enforcing Intellectual Property rights. Often times, political, perception, or resource issues make an outside partner the most attractive solution. Turtle Bay offers large organizations an option that generates immediate cash flow while also providing confidentiality and expertise.
Universities are one of the largest sources of patented inventions. However, as research incubators they often lack the expertise or focus to monetize their inventions. Failure to profit from these patents neglects a valuable asset that can generate significant new resources for the institution. Turtle Bay can help realize the full financial opportunity either through acquisition or enforcement and licensing.
Inventors & Emerging Companies
The small inventor is often neglected and ignored by large corporations. Often times, infringing parties have significant financial and legal resources at their disposal. They use these resources to stonewall and overpower the small inventor. Turtle Bay provides these individuals or organizations with the firepower necessary to enforce IP rights regardless of the size of the opponent. We offer the expertise, capital, and legal know how to protect your patent.
Turtle Bay patent
  investments include:

•   Semiconductors

•   Network & Data Security

•   Pharmaceutical & Biotech

•   Medical Devices

•   Telecommunications

•   Electronics

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If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied. - Alfred Nobel
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